Norman's Home Page

My name is Norman Harper and I now live in Market Deeping near Peterborough having resided in Orpington, Kent, England for a very long time. I moved here in 2008 to be near my son and Eve's family.

I am married to Eve who is my second wife, Mary, my first wife, passed away in 1995. We both have two grown up children from our previous marriages.

I am interested in Amateur Radio and Genealogy. I obtained my Amateur Radio Transmitter Licence in 1971. I am a member of The Radio Society of Great Britain, The Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society and The Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society.

My Genealogy interest is fairly recent and up to the present have about 700 names in the records.

I also have, fairly recently, become interested in the weather trends and have installed a weather station, it was installed successfully at Orpington and is now working at Market Deeping.


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